Eden Foundation

Eden Foundation

Founded 1985 in Sweden
Active in Tanout, Niger, since 1987


Friends of Eden

If you believe that other people's lives are important and that something should be done about the poverty in the world, become a Friend of Eden by signing up as a regular monthly supporter.

The villages of Tanout are amongst the poorest communities of the world and your contribution is invested in bringing them a sustainable life through trees and bushes that will grow under harsh conditions and give food in times of need.

We need you!
Without you, nothing can be done.

Our work is financed by Friends of Eden around the world. Eden Foundation is under no obligation to any government, political or religious organisation. All our expatriate workers are volunteers and do not receive a salary from the project.

As a Friend, you will receive our email based newsletter with interviews and information about the people we help and the work we carry out there. We hope to hear from you soon!

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